Most merchant account referral or affiliate programs offer the referring party a one-time payment, usually in the range of £35 to £100 per referred internet merchant.

Xbitpay is different

Xbitpay’s partner program pays its referral partners a monthly revenue-share residual payment, calculated as percentage (%) of the revenue that Xbitpay receives that month from the merchant’s credit card processing activity.

Benefits of being a Xbitpay partner:

We pay you monthly – on or about the 15th day of each month – for residual payments we have received in the prior month from your clients’ processing. You’ll continue to receive a monthly residual payment as long as the merchant processes through Xbitpay, which in the majority of cases, is many years. Many of our partners have found this to be a valuable income stream for their business with us providing a great service to their clients.

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